The Miller Law group offers real estate legal assistance throughout Muskoka, Parry Sound, Haliburton and the GTA. Our Huntsville lawyers are well versed in cottage real estate and recreational property purchases in addition to residential and commercial real estate transactions. VISIT OUR 'TOP TEN REAL ESTATE TERMS & WORDS 101' HERE


If you are a first time home buyer, an experienced home buyer or if you are selling your current home let the Miller Law Group remove the stress from your residential property purchase or sale.  We’ll review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, preferably before you sign it, assist in determining applicable taxes and any tax exemptions as well as closing costs, discuss options regarding title insurance and examine title matters as they affect the property.   

Cottage/Recreational Property

The Miller Law group is well versed in the complexities involved in a Cottage or Recreational Property purchase or sale.  A partial list of the special areas of concern in these transactions include septic systems and wells; original shore road allowances, road access and easements; woodstoves and wood burning appliances. VIEW OUR TOP TEN 'COTTAGE CONUNDRUMS' HERE

Vacant Land

Are you buying a piece of vacant land?  Do you intend on developing this property or building a new residence?  Let The Miller Law Group review your plans and conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure you can achieve your intended goal. 


The Miller Law Group represents a number of commercial property owners.  Our clients own apartment buildings, strip malls, gas stations, commercial stand alone buildings and resorts of all sizes.  We also represent developers and landlords.  Our team has the skill and experience to assist you with the purchase of your first commercial property or the development and management of your legal needs associated with a large commercial portfolio.


Don’t let the term “Condominium” deter your.  Whether a common elements condominium, a vacant land condominium, a leasehold condominium or a standard condominium, we’ll explain to you in plain terms how this affects your ownership of the property.     


The expropriation of a part or all of your residential or commercial property by a government agency, like the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), can be upsetting.  The Miller Law Group has extensive knowledge in responding to a request to expropriate, negotiating with the government and where applicable obtaining assistance from other professionals, (i.e. appraisers, business loss evaluators), to achieve the best possible result.


The Miller Law Group will assist you in the financing of your real estate investment.  We will work with your lender to satisfy all lending conditions as set out in the mortgage commitment letter to ensure a seamless transaction.

Family Property Transfer

A Family Property Transfer can be an effective part of your estate planning, including the granting of life interests.  The Miller Law Group will advise you on the pitfalls of a change in ownership of property including the implications concerning capital gains taxes, property taxes, insurance policies and existing mortgages.


Planning to sever your property into two or more parcels?  Our knowledgeable lawyers and law clerks will assist you in completing the severance application process, satisfying all conditions set out in the severance consent approval and to attending on the registration of all transfer documents.  Every municipality has differing procedures and requirements, including some that overlap with various levels of local, municipal, provincial and federal government.  Let us guide you through the severance from start to finish. 

Road Closings

Does your cottage property include the original shore road allowance along the waterfront?  Are you preparing to purchase an original road allowance from your local municipality?  If so, our detail focused team can assist you in preparing the applications, sketches, municipal closing by-laws and notices required to stop up and close the road allowance.

Commercial Leases and Residential Leases

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, meticulous attention to the details of a lease agreement can spell the difference between success and failure.  The Miller Law Group will provide assistance in drafting, negotiating and signing commercial or residential leases. 

Cottage Agreements and Rental Contracts

If you share ownership of your Cottage or Recreational Property with family or friends, or if you are planning to earn income by renting, let us help you protect your investment by preparing a Cottage Agreement or Cottage Rental Contract.  These agreements will detail the rights, obligations and expectations of co-owners and renters custom designed for your particular situation.