Guidance for Executors

In the event you have been appointed as an executor for someone’s estate, be it a spouse, relative or friend, or in the event you must apply to be appointed as an executor for a relative who died without a will, our firm will assist you administering the deceased’s estate.  The Miller Law Group will explain the scope of your responsibilities as executor and will also:

1. Advise on all matters in connection with the administration of the estate.

2. Assist in filing documents with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to be appointed as estate trustee.

3. Assist in preparing and filing the notice for creditors, if one is necessary.

4. Assist in realizing upon the assets of the estate (for example, converting the assets to cash or dividing the assets among the beneficiaries) by preparing any documentation required for this purpose.

5. Assist you in preparing the necessary documents and accounts for audit by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, should this become necessary.

6. Prepare estate accounts, proposed distribution any and all releases as may be required for the residual beneficiaries to participate in the distribution of the estate.

7. Ensure that a clearance certificate is obtained from Canada Revenue Agency. 

Assistance for Beneficiaries

There may be instances where you are a beneficiary under a will and have been unsuccessful in receiving appropriate information with respect to the administration of an estate.  If you find yourself in this or a similar situation we would invite you to contact our firm to discuss your particular circumstances so we can assist you in bringing a satisfactory resolution on your behalf.