WILLS & POWERS of Attorney

Whether or not an individual acquires assets it is important to have an estate plan so that such individual can be the author of how their assets and estate matters will be dealt with during his/her lifetime in the case of incapacity or upon death.  The three basic documents required for an estate plan are a will, a power of attorney for property and a power of attorney for personal care. No matter how simple or complex your estate planning needs are, our firm is available to assist you in designing the best estate plan to fit your circumstances and to minimize income and probate taxes payable on death.  Some of the additional tools and techniques that may be implemented to accomplish this task include corporate wills, alter ego trusts, property transfers (i.e. to joint tenancy or create life interests) and beneficiary designations.

There are occasions when you may be asked to act as an executor under a will or as an attorney under a power of attorney either for property or personal care. While you may accept such appointment when asked, you may realize that you do not know what is required of you when actually exercising such responsibilities.   The Miller Law Group can assist you in carrying out your duties by outlining and discussing what these responsibilities may be and providing recommendations and advice while exercising such duties.